Our lives have become easy due to technological development.
We can use various online tools to do our daily tasks smoothly and work more effectively and efficiently with these tools.

Indeed, some tools claim to be able to forecast how well a page or website will appear in the top engine results pages (SERPs).

Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) are two of the most well-known indicators developed by Moz’s SEO experts.

PA and DA are scores that measure the probability of a high search engine ranking for a page or website on a scale of 1 to 100.
On a scale of 1 to 100, the DA/PA score is calculated algorithmically.

The basic principle was that if you want to see the maximum returns from a long-term SEO strategy, you must spend your energy acquiring the best authority scores for the page.

The webmaster group and all SEO specialists accepted the new Page Rank indications, and they are now well-known, frequently used, and acknowledged by the SEO community.

In this article, Influenzive.com explain why DA and PA are important and how to check them?

Before getting into further details Let’s discuss what DA and PA actually are?

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

When you create a website, it has a specific Domain Authority. It just tells us what your website domain’s capabilities are.
Moz created Domain Authority as a particular metric. We get the ranking competence score from Moz.
There’s a prevalent misconception that Google and domain authority are related. But according to the studies, there is no link between these two.

It is determined by the number of visitors each domain receives. A higher number indicates a better chance of ranking in a search engine. MOZ determines your DA score by linking your profiles.
If the DA score is higher, the website will rank higher. When comparing two domains, the one with a higher DA value will have a higher ranking ability than the lowest.

What is Page Authority (PA)?

The pages determine the Page Authority of a website. Another Moz score indicates how well a website, product, or anything will rank on a Search Engine Result Page.

Before entering the online market, it is standard procedure to check the page authority.
This tool is the greatest for recognizing the scores of which website or product is operating well at that given time if you want to find the top browser search.

Some important features to remember concerning PA and DA:

  • The PA and DA algorithms consider over 40 parameters. High-quality internal links and referrals from other sites with high authority scores—are one of the most critical factors. Moz indexes these links using a search engine, comparable to the web crawlers used by search engines to index sites and pages.
  •  As the PA and DA algorithms are based on machine learning, they must shift over time to improve the accuracy of the ratings.
  •  It’s easier to get a score from 20 to 30 than it is to get a score from 70 to 80 on the 1-to-100 scale, which is logarithmic rather than linear.
  • The main difference between PA and DA is the authority level. The PA of a single webpage is linked to the domain authority score of the actual site.

How to Check DA and PA of a website:

After you’ve understood the importance of domain DA PA score, you would like to know how to get your website’s DA and PA checked.
To check the domain authority, open the website and input the URL link of the website you wish to check.

  • The results will appear on your screen after you add a link.
  • You may look up the website’s DA limit and spam score.
  • The number of websites being evaluated is then displayed.
  • Now you can see the URLs to the websites and their DA and PA.

How To Check DA PA, Website For Check DA PA

There are a few websites available to help you out:

1. Prepostseo.com

How to check DA 2022 2023 2024 1

Prepostseo has created an amazing tool that helps to check your website’s DA and PA within seconds. It offers other features in addition to DA and PA scores.

Every reputable tool offers a variety of plans, enabling customers to select the one that best satisfies their needs. However, this tool offers both free and paid programs that you may easily access.

Although free registered users and visitors can check the domain authority of many URLs at once, some functions are restricted.
Viewers can check the DA of up to ten websites in one go, and free users can check up to 25 websites every search. Premium customers have access to 500 websites at a time.

This tool is simple to use if you want to check the DA or PA of multiple websites. This DA PA checker does a mass DA check, allowing you to compare your website to your competitors in one step.

How to check DA 2022 2023 2024 2

If you’re nervous about using it because you’re worried it won’t help you, you can get a sample by selecting the sample option.
You would get the DA of your website to your satisfaction. Apart from DA and PA, this program offers you a spam score, IP address, Google crawled pages, etc.

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2. dapachecker.org

How to check DA 2022 2023 2024 3

They also have a DA checker that verifies the URL of your given website and analyzes its backlinks. Then, you’ll get a DA score for your website’s rating.

This feature does this valuable service because it provides your website’s DA without charging you anything. Hence, the tool is entirely free.

Furthermore, this DA checker comes to your rescue if you need immediate results because of its unmatched speed. It allows you to check for free and at a fast pace.

How to check DA 2022 2023 2024 3


If you want to examine the DA of more than one website at a time, you can use this tool, which provides DA scores for up to 20 websites at once.

They offer a flexible DA PA checker that contains a lot of helpful SEO and ranking information for a website.
It is a free-to-use tool, so you may use it anytime you want without worrying about paying for it. It makes it a tool that anyone can use.

Even though it only provides one result per query search, you can rely on it for accurate results. This tool is useful when you only want to check one website at a time, unlike most bulk DA checkers, which give inaccurate results.

What is the importance of the DA PA checker?

It’s crucial because the calculated score is used for the website’s backlinks, keyword ranking criteria, and audience engagement.

  • The website is first evaluated on a scale of 1 to 100. The closer the website gets to 100, the more authoritative it is, and the closer it gets to 1, the less authoritative it is. Multiple measures are used to assess the website’s authority.
  • As Google’s data isn’t always correct, the data for each tool varies.
  • In the background, Google has ranked each website according to its algorithm, and no one knows what those specific criteria are.
  • Web page rank, type of traffic, online engagement, keyword research, organic and inorganic traffic, the number of views, and customer engagement all take advantage of tools like DA PA Checker.
  • These tools can be used to do in-depth research.
  • It becomes easier to detect market gaps and then choose a niche for a website after you have an idea of these criteria.


Page and domain authority are significant elements in a website’s ranking, traffic, and participation.
You can quickly check the DA and PA of any website you desire using various internet tools. At the same time, you can’t wholly rely on their criteria because they’re close but not perfect in terms of accuracy.


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